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Queen of Sheba Cake

Sweet tooth? This simple, but delicious cake adapted from a Julia Child recipe fills the bill.

Cabbage & Apple Slaw with Burrata

In Northern Italy, where I am from, cabbage makes its way into many a dish. Here, I've made my version of American coleslaw with a very Italian spin on it. Locally grown cabbage, green apples, fresh dill and topped with a beautiful burrata from Bel Gioso really uplifts the humble slaw and makes it elegant. Delicious, refreshing and healthy.

Spaghetti with Tomatoes

On days when you want something simple, fast and comforting, there is nothing like a quick pasta with fresh tomatoes.

Coq au Vin, California Style

My little California twist on a favorite recipe. White wine and herbs d'Provence make this chicken dish perfect for a summer evening dinner with friends.

A Visit to Chico

I grew up on a farm in a small town in Northern Italy so farming, olive trees and farmland are nothing new to me. My mother grew vegetables and I, from my earliest years was near as she tended her garden. My risi e bisi is a tribute to those times spent in her garden. To this day, farming matters to me very much. I do my best as a chef to support the local growers, shop farmer’s markets for the restaurant table as well as my personal home use. Fresh is best and nothing is fresher than product sourced from our local farms. Because of my love and deep respect for farmers, I was most excited to be invited on a tour of California farms by the California Farm Water Coalition. My friend Gina had been invited and she, knowing my love of fresh produce, asked if I could come along. CFWC was most gracious in inviting me and it was most enlightening....

Pesce in saor

A very traditional Northern Italian dish. Fish picked in brine and spices.

Culinary Showcase

My music/video producer and friend, Alan Ishii created this lovely little showreel of my cooking. What do you think? He's very talented, yes?

Ricotta Tart

The ricotta tart is almost cheesecake-like but a little more dense and filling, while still seeming light and refreshing. A perfect accompaniment to a sparkling dessert wine on a summer evening.

Turmeric Gelato & Floating Islands

I love the Indian spice turmeric and am always looking for ways to incorporate it into my cooking. I came across fresh turmeric root in a store along with fresh plums. It gave me the idea for a homemade gelato topped with the stone fruit. The result was beautiful. Ice cold sweetness, glorious color and the slight bitterness of the spice offset by the tanginess of the fruit. Perfectly wonderful!

Los Angeles…served with Food & Wine

I have the great honor of serving at the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival this year, in beautiful Downtown Los Angeles. It seems a dream to me. Just seventeen years I arrived here from Italy, not speaking the language, not knowing hardly a soul and here I am, older and wiser; an American citizen and with a beautiful future ahead of me. I write this before I rush out to prep for my day in the limelight, surrounded by the unparalleled talent of celebrity chefs, my colleagues as well as ...