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Why Blog?

I’ve been asked that question a lot lately. Why a blog? Why social media? Why Twitter? Are you looking for a new job? Why are you doing this? When do you have time? What are you trying to accomplish?...

Purple Peppers Stuffed with Curried Okra

I was inspired by the purple peppers I found at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market. I roasted them right over the open flame on my stove, filled them with curried okra and served. The okra was fresh, locally grown and also sourced from the Farmer's Market. They looked stunning and tasted delicious.

Grapefruit Confit

Candy-making can sometimes be a time-consuming process. For this grapefruit confit, it took several days. I first boiled the bitterness out, then rinsed, soaked, rinsed and soaked again over a period of days before adding sugar.

Rabbit in the Pot

My mother was a housewife.  She didn’t go out and work at a job as most women do now.  Her job was her, home, her family and her children.  She was what was then considered to be a normal Italian woman.  She was also very practical.  She’d been through World War II and had experienced hunger in a way I hope to never know.  Those wartime years contributed to her practicality and waste not, want not attitude.  She was doing the organic and sustainable thing long before it was a thing....

Melanzane al Funghetto

Eggplant is a big part of Italian cooking and one of my favorite ways to eat it is roasted like this in a copper pot. The eggplant takes on some of the characteristics of mushrooms, hence its name. This was one of my mother's favorite ways of making eggplant.

Clams & Zucchini

This is another one of those simple, yet delicious recipes that is easy to prepare, yet elegant when plated. The squash adds color and sweetness to the clams, making something simple seem complex.