Los Angeles…served with Food & Wine

I have the great honor of serving at the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival this year, in beautiful Downtown Los Angeles. It seems a dream to me.

Just seventeen years I arrived here from Italy, not speaking the language, not knowing hardly a soul and here I am, older and wiser; an American citizen and with a beautiful future ahead of me.

I write this before I rush out to prep for my day in the limelight, surrounded by the unparalleled talent of celebrity chefs, my colleagues as well as amazing vintners pouring out amazing wines.

I will be surrounded by family and friends and I hope what I have prepared – a taste of my Northern Italian homeland will satisfy and please the crowds of foodies. I am grateful for the bounty this culinary life has given me. I am, in a word, blessed.

I’ve attached a few photos my daughter and a friend took of last night’s event to give you a hint of what is to come. Eat well, drink hearty and be happy.  It is a beautiful day in L.A.

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