Gianfranco Minuz, Restaurant Consultant & Cookbook Author


I like the sound of that. A new start in my life, one that has been a long, torturous time in coming. I have finally moved on from Lago and am eagerly seeking new challenges and opportunities. I’m working on a cookbook, doing some consulting and enjoying my freedom.

Yesterday, I felt on top of the world. I was standing at the Encinal Lookout in Malibu after a beautiful drive along the coast and felt, for the first time in years, that I was free. It’s a good feeling knowing that you can do anything you like. I’d like to do some consulting, work on my books and open a small place with my son. Sounds like a plan! I’ll be back on Twitter and Instagram now, showing you all some lovely things – recipes I’ve been planning but didn’t have the opportunity to share with you, more fun videos of easy home cooking the Venetian/transplant to California way and stories. I have lots of stories. Recipes coming soon, but first, I might just go hiking at Charm Lee and breathe in the air.

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