Mother’s Day Memories

In the photos above, my mother and I are in the water on the beach at Caorle, a little fishing town not far from Venezia. The second photo is my mother, family and me. I’m the little blonde guy front and center. It’s funny but we often had tourists from Germany in those days and they would always speak to me in German rather than Italian because I was so blond. I get it from my father’s side of the family, who came from the mountainous Tridentine Alps near the borders of Austria. Those ancestors were said to have had that Tyrolian look about them. The third photo is of my mother leaning down to me with my father laughing into the camera. He looks like I did in my 40’s, while my baby picture calls to mind my son Lorenzo at that age. The fourth photograph is my family at lunch or torresella as we called it. Left to right is me clinging to my mother Adelia, my father Guido, brother Gabriele and finally, my sister Maria. My mother always set a beautiful table. The last photo is me at nearly a year old. I am running as fast as my chubby little legs can carry me, so I must have been after food. Even then my passion for food was clear.


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