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Queen of Sheba Cake

Sweet tooth? This simple, but delicious cake adapted from a Julia Child recipe fills the bill.

Cabbage & Apple Slaw with Burrata

In Northern Italy, where I am from, cabbage makes its way into many a dish. Here, I've made my version of American coleslaw with a very Italian spin on it. Locally grown cabbage, green apples, fresh dill and topped with a beautiful burrata from Bel Gioso really uplifts the humble slaw and makes it elegant. Delicious, refreshing and healthy.

Spaghetti with Tomatoes

On days when you want something simple, fast and comforting, there is nothing like a quick pasta with fresh tomatoes.

Coq au Vin, California Style

My little California twist on a favorite recipe. White wine and herbs d'Provence make this chicken dish perfect for a summer evening dinner with friends.

Pesce in saor

A very traditional Northern Italian dish. Fish picked in brine and spices.

Culinary Showcase

My music/video producer and friend, Alan Ishii created this lovely little showreel of my cooking. What do you think? He's very talented, yes?

Stemmari Cantodoro Risotto with Cherries & Gorgonzola

In Italy, wine is very much a part of the culture and I grew up being well acquainted with it. In my region, the month of October means the weather is cooler after the humid summer, the grapes are just beginning to get that fullness that signifies readiness for winemaking. I remember the smells of the grapes, the way the skins appeared full to bursting with juice - the juice that would become wine. ...

Risi e Bisi

Food is my life.   My fascination with it began at a very young age and my childhood memories of it are profound. I am fifty-six years old and thousands of miles away from the little town in Northern Italy where I grew up, but walking in the Farmer’s Market during Springtime and seeing fresh pea shoots, snap peas, peas of any kind instantly takes me back in time and place.  I am a young boy again and back in my mother’s garden picking peas for her delicious risi e bisi....

Thinking Out of the Box

As a cook, sometimes you must think out of the box. Everything has not already been invented. If you want to be innovative, you must think differently. For example, a simple braised cabbage with molasses-oatmeal cookies. Cookies? That is what my guest said the other night when I took two of the molasses cookies she'd made and began stuffing braised cabbage in between two of the soft, pliable baked goods. Her look was skeptical, even almost disgusted so I broke off a piece of cookie, handed ...

A Weeknight Vegan Meal

At the restaurant where I work, I often cook meat and fatty foods.  As a chef, I taste everything all the time.  I am constantly tasting to ensure the quality in my dishes.  This week, for example, I will be preparing a suckling pig - high in fat, most definitely meat, but I aspire to live a healthier life.  I cannot be a full vegan or even a vegetarian, but on the days I am off or when I have a chance, I scale it back and create a meal of vegetables.  Tonight was such a night. I began ...